Sepilok Orang Utan & Sandakan City Tour

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Sepilok Orang Utan & Sandakan City Tour 山打根 (Sandakan) 沙巴 (Sabah) 旅游地资讯

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre is located about 25km west of Sandakan in Sabah, Malaysia. The centre opened in 1964 as the first official orangutan rehabilitation project for rescued orphaned baby orangutans from logging sites, plantations, illegal hunting or kept as pets. The orphaned orangutans are trained to survive again in the wild and are released as soon as they are ready. The sanctuary is located within the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve which covers an area of 4,294 ha (10,610 acres), much of which is virgin rainforest. Today around 60 to 80 orangutans are living in this reserve.

Sandakan Memorial Park, which is adjacent to the site of the original Sandakan Prisoner of War (POW) Camp. The park commemorates the sacrifice and suffering endured by both Australian and British soldiers who were held by the Japanese as Prisoners of War between 1942 and 1945.

The Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple, located on a steep hill top where you can have a magnificent view overlooking Sandakan Bay and the Town Centre.

St. Michael’s Church, one of the oldest church in Sabah, where you can see a century old building where Christianity is preached.

Central Market where you can see the local produce and fresh seafood being sold.

Agnes Keith Museum, learn about the life in the colonial days on Agnes & Harry Keith. Harry was the first conservator of the Forestry Department in Sabah and Agnes was the author of the three famous books called Land Below The Wind, Three Came Home and White Man Returns

Sepilok Orang Utan康复中心位于马来西亚沙巴山打根以西约25公里处。该中心于1964年开放,作为第一个官方猩猩康复项目,用于从伐木场,种植园,非法狩猎或作为宠物饲养的被拯救的孤儿幼猩猩。孤儿猩猩经过训练可以在野外再次生存,并在准备好后立即释放。该保护区位于Kabili-Sepilok森林保护区内,占地面积4,294公顷(10,610英亩),其中大部分是原始雨林。今天,大约有60到80只猩猩住在这个保护区内。


Puu Jih Shih佛教寺庙位于陡峭的山顶上,您可以俯瞰山打根湾和市中心的壮丽景色。



Agnes Keith博物馆,了解Agnes&Harry Keith殖民时期的生活。哈利是沙巴林业部的第一位保护者,艾格尼丝是三本着名书籍的作者,名为“风之下的土地”,“三个家”和“白人归来”



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